1: 1455
Levian Blue Topaz Sapphire Ring

Pretty vintage Le Vian ring with blue topaz, blue sapphires and diamonds in 14kt white gold.

Was: $800.00
1: 5729
Large Blue Topaz Ring

Wonderful large vintage 15 carat blue topaz diamond ring in white gold.

1: 5714
Yurman Blue Topaz Silver Ring

Beautiful vintage David Yurman blue topaz yellow gold and silver Noblesse ring.

1: 575
Vintage Blue Topaz Loop Earrings

Vintage bright blue topaz 14kt 585 yellow gold loop earrings.

1: 347
Vintage Brown Topaz Briolette Earrings

Exceptional briolette brown topaz high karat yellow gold pendant earrings.

1: 935
Big Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

Colorful and flashy, this 8 carat brilliant blue topaz and diamond estate ring demands attention.

Was: $1,300.00
1: 186
Blue Topaz Diamond Gold Ring

A vision of three rows of dark blue topaz with diamond borders are found in this 14kt yellow gold vintage ring.

Was: $250.00
1: 1108
Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

Stunning blue topaz and diamond vintage ring in 18kt yellow gold.

1: 1045
Topaz Diamond Platinum Ring

This estate oval blue topaz ring is mounted horizontally between diamonds in a beautiful platinum ring setting.

Was: $1,445.00