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Vintage Blue Scarab Gold Ring

Vintage Blue Scarab Gold Ring
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Vintage Blue Scarab Gold Ring
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This Egyptian inspired blue scarab ring is mounted in 18kt yellow gold.  This beautiful foliate yellow gold mounting holds an interesting blue green stone with a very well carved scarab. On the back of this scarab are engraved hieroglyphics.  This estate Egyptian inspired ring is created in 18kt yellow gold.


Scarabs are one of the oldest symbols used in jewelry.  The scarab represents resurrection and eternity.

Scarabs were a popular symbol for ancient Egyptians.  Ancient Egyptians used the scarab to symbolize their sun god.  They believed that the movement of a beetle rolling waste items across the ground was like the Sun moving across the sky.


Gemstones:  One well engraved oval shaped blue green stone measuring 15.28 x 12.61 x 6.17mm, stone is opaque
Measures: 3/4" north to south, 3/4" left to right, 3/4" height above finger
Hallmarks: None
Size: 6
Weight: 6.7 Grams
Circa: 1960




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