I just got the ring and I love it!

Florida 9/2013

I received the ring today and it looks wonderful. Thank you! I'll send
you an update when it's actually put on :-). Have a great day and
thanks again!!
Wisconsin 8/2013

I just got the ring and it's b e a u t i f u l !!!!!!!  I love it and it looks lovely next to the ring I bought from you last fall.   It's always a pleasure doing business with you and I will continue to keep looking at your website.  I'm sure I will be doing business with you again in the future.

Georgia 8/2013

It's Sarah I recieved my ring it is gorgeous and i just wasnted to say thank you very much I love it
New York 8/2013

Received the ring, Thank you so much it is lovely and it fits perfectly.
Is this a new ring or did it belong to someone else?  Just curious, I just wanted to know little of its
Illinois 7/2013

Thank you for the promp shipment.
Illinois 7/2013

I hope I am not boring you by telling you how much I love my ring. I keep looking at it and after 5 days of being on my hand, I cannot imagine that it hasn't always been there.
My fiancé and I have ordered the platinum diamond wedding band that looks so perfect with this ring, but I need it re-sized to size 7.
I am so in love with my ring. Everything you said about it is true. It shines in the dark with its own beauty. I think it is magical.
New York 7/2013

I received my ring this morning and it is beautiful!  I have it on now and I adore it.  You were right it is much better than the pictures! Thank you for your assistance with every detail.
New York 7/2013

Thank you for the rapid ring delivery, I received it Friday afternoon and it looks very nice.
California 7/2013

My husband and I got married on May 31, and I just wanted to say thanks again for such great customer service and communication when it came to my husband purchasing my antique platinum wedding band from your store. Originally, we had seen it as part of a set on your website, and you graciously sold it to us on its own. It looks amazing with my antique platinum engagement ring--which my husband actually purchased from an antique shop in California--and it's almost as if the two rings were meant to go together. I love them so much!
Ohio 7/2013

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to let you know that I received the ring super quickly and it is absolutely wonderful. I will send you a testimony that you can post in your site after I propose in a month. :) Once again, thanks so much!
Texas 7/2013

The watermelon tourmaline ring just arrived, and I'm delighted! The color split and clarity are excellent
California 6/2013

I just wanted to let you know I got the ring today, and it is even prettier in person than in the pics. It is so dainty and beautiful, fits perfectly, and my fiance and I both love it. Thank you so much for your help and patience.
New York 6/2013

I received the written appraisal for my ring today and I wanted to thank you for having that done for me.  I have had several compliments on my ring and I told them to shop with you!
Alabama 4/2013

As you will see from Fedex tracking, the ring arrived safely.
It's in beautiful condition, thank you very much.
Tokyo, Japan 3/2013

I wanted to let you know that I received the ring yesterday, and couldn't wait to open the package.  I'm very pleased with the repair of the emeralds, and look forward to many long years of wearing the beautiful result.  Thank you for YOUR patience and for being so professional.  I look forward to doing business with you again. 
Pennsylvania 3/2013

I just wanted you to know the ring is perfect! I really think finding the exact ring was divine intervention:) thank you so much for helping us.
North Carolinia 12/12

I received the ring. The photos didn't do it justice. It's absolutely beautiful. I love it. I will definitely keep you in mind if I'm in the market for more jewelry. I really like the older stuff, for some reason the new styles just aren't for me. Thank you for being so helpful!
Arizona 12/2012

I recently bought my fiancee’s engagement ring from you a couple of months ago, and she absolutely loves it! Thank you for being so accommodating. 
Texas 3/2012

Thanks you....I love my turquoise ring...it is a beauty......
Tennessee 2/2012

The stick pin arrived in great shape! It's a real beauty! Thank you so much.
Florida 2/2012

I recievied the earrings.
They are very nice.
Connecticut 1/2012

Thanks Kelly I received the ring today the gift wrapping looks great ! I'll let you know if she likes it lol
Michigan 12/2011

Thanks so much. I am thrilled, the rings are exquisite and such a
find! You have a wonderful eye for beautiful jewelry. Speak to you.
New York 12/2011

The ring arrived testerday evening,  and is beautiful!  Better in person than in the photographs, although the photographs of it being worn gave me the right idea....that it would show up more on my hand. So I'm very happy with it.  Its very sunny here today, so its sparkling like mad!
Thanks very much!!
New York 11/2011

We received the ring today and it is wonderful! Thank you so much.
Georgia 11/2011

I wanted to say “Thank You” for the ring. I received it a few minutes ago and it is absolutely amazing. Way better than what I had imagine it would look like. I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to showing it off and more importantly to perhaps purchasing something else from your collection.
Florida 11/2011

The earrings are lovely. I am found of the gold orchid jewelry if you come across any other examples, like a bracelet, please get in touch with me.
New York 10/2011

Thanks so much u will rwc more bus from me
Pennsylvania 8/2011

My daughter received her ring for her 21st birthday and loves it!
Virginia 7/2011

My ring has arrived in record time.  The presentation was beautiful! Packaging exceptional for an on line store.  I love my new ring and would be happy to recccomend you to all who visit you website.  I will pass the word along to my friends.
New York 6/2011

The ring arrived today (Thursday ) and IT IS DEFINITELY A KEEPER.   Thanks so much for all your help and especially for the two-day ship service.  My return shipment should reach you tomorrow.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
North Carolina 4/2011

I thank you so much for this and I will certainly recommend you to my clients, friends and family.  Please feel free to call me if needed.  I am with clients and return calls on the top of each hour.
Texas 12/2010

Earlier this year I purchased from you a lovely, oval amethyst ring on layaway.  It has an intaglio carved into the face of the stone.   
I have lost the description you provided of the ring on your website which led me to purchase it.  I am planning to give this to my mother for Christmas and desperately need your written out description to give it along with the ring.
Kansas 12/2010

I absolutely love the ring. Received it Monday, haven't taken it off since. :) However, I cannot seem to track down the description, etc, when it was featured on your site. I'd like to keep the info. There are also small markings on the inside of the Ring. Do you know what they read? It's tough for me to decipher.. also, era, style, type, anything! I'm new to buying estate jewelry.. I would assume its somewhat like a knock off cartier ish type.. but who knows. Any and all info you have would be appreciated.
I hope to buy more from you!
Nevada 12/2010  

It is stunning and looks like it was made to go with my engagement
ring. They are so perfect together, it is amazing.
Have a wonderful holiday!
Texas 12/2010

Dear Lord, this thing is BEAUTIFUL. 
Thanks so much for all of your help.  If there's any way I can write a review for you for any BBB or website or anything, let me know.  It's tough buying stuff online without knowing who's on par. 
Florida 11/2010

The earrings arrived today and they are beautiful.  Thanks for sending them so quickly - I was hoping to wear them to an event tomorrow evening, so now I don’t have to go to Plan B!
Connecticut 11/2010

I just wanted to let you know that I received my wedding band. It looks wonderful and was beautifully packaged. Thanks again for everything!
NS Pennsylvania 10/2010

Thank you so much for all your help, you've been absolutely brilliant from start to finish.I can't stop looking at the ring, everytime i put it away i have to get it back out again.
I'm going to be a little bit sneaky and not tell my better half that the ring has arrived, can't wait to see her face.
Once again thank you for all your help
UK 10/2010

The topaz ring is beautiful! Your description was perfect so it was just as I expected it to be. My parents saw the ring and were very happy with their purchase. It doesn't replace the heirloom I lost but it certainly will be treasured and become an heirloom in my family. Thank you for operating an honest and trustworthy business!
LS Tennessee 8/2010

I received the earrings today & they are beautiful!  I want to thank you again for the layaway as well as the kind note you enclosed.  I look forward to shopping at your store again.
K 7/2010

I just wanted to drop a quick note to you and let you know that my ring arrived today.  I have to tell you that I was skeptical about ordering it, although I'm not exactly sure why.  I collect art deco/edwardian jewelry and buy on ebay regularly, so I don't know why I was hesitant to buy this one.  However, after receiving it today, I am so pleased and tickled, I can't stand it.  It's a gorgeous, fine quality ring...which is what I am ALWAYS looking for...fine quality.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the welcome addition to my collection and thank you for the express shipping.  Outstanding!!!!  I hope to shop with you again.
AD South Carolina 6/2010

I received the ring today.  It is perfect.  Thank you very much.  My girlfriend, hopefully soon to be fiance, will love it.
RG 4/2010

I just wanted you to know that the ring is perfect! It is truly a work of art. My fiance loves it. It fits her like a glove both in size and style.
MP Washington 2/2010

Well,  I checked tracking on the click-n-ship and it stated it was at the PO, I have it now and it is GORGEOUS! The online pic didn't do it justice! The PO wasn't sure why the delivery person left a note that it was at the apt office. No matter, all solved and I have it now. The stone is mesmerizing and quite mystical...oh well, better get back to work. Thank you for your quick response. I was just concerned because it's not like you'd have another one to send! I'm glad I stumbled on your website!
TR Missouri 2/2010

I just wanted to thank you for my ring. It is more than I could have hoped for. I  was almost afraid to open the box. It complements my platinum band as if they had always been together . Thank you again, Kelly.
MJH 12/2009

Hi Kelly, 
I received the ring today.  It really is beautiful, simple and elegant, just as I was wanting. Thank you so much for you patience and kindness.  You are a pleasure to do business with.  I have your web site book marked and have spent many hours there. Thanks again and please send the appraisal. PS It was beautifully wrapped. Thanks for the extra effort
PPP Tennessee 12/2009

I just received the ring.  It is SO BEAUTIFUL!  Your jeweler did an amazing job sizing it.  It fits perfect and I can't see the seams at all.  Thank you for a great experience  I look forward to doing business with you again.
TC Texas 11/2009

I am THRILLED with my purchase and will definately reccommend your site............... I NEVER would have expected the packaging and service I received..... please include a place on your site for reccomendations that would help potential shoppers like myself, who have purchased for the 1st time to list our reviews.........as an internet shopper, this kind of info is priceless.......thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season............ I plan to be a regular shopper............. keep up the good work. Laura 11/2009  

I just received the ring.  It is SO BEAUTIFUL!  Your jeweler did an amazing job sizing it.  It fits perfect and I can't see the seams at all.  Thank you for a great experience. I look forward to doing business with you again

I received the ring today. It is absolutely STUNNING! The pictures on the website hardly did it justice. Thank you for working with me. I'll reccommend you to others in the future!
MF 8/2009

I wanted to confirm that I received the package and share my satisfaction with you.  The rings are perfect! They are truly beautiful and look great in the smaller size.  You were extremely helpful with my questions, and I want to thank you for your wonderful customer service.  I would definitely recommend your business to my friends and family.
New York, NY 6/2009

Hello, Oh my gosh, I just received the ring about 15 mins. ago. I was almost as impressed by the wrappings and bow and the ring box as I was by the ring. Tiffany's couldn't of done it better. Love it. Thank You So Much, Cindy and we will be doing business again> You a couple other items I would like to purchase, but money is tight now a days. Take Care, Glad I found you on the internet.
Ohio 6/2009

The ring looks great!! I received it today as promised. I like what the jeweler did to secure the diamonds in the ring, she was really surprised when it came in the mail today. (see i did not tell her that I was having it fixed :)   Thanks again for making this a easy transaction! 
Virginia 5/2009

I am so excited.  I picked up the aquamarine ring today.  The first thing my jeweler said was, "you're going to be really surprised when you see how much this appraised for".  She then opened the appraisal for me to see.  It was the first time she's ever opened an appraisal while I stood there.  The aqua stone alone appraised out at $4,617.00 and the entire ring appraised for $5,947.00.
If you thought it was pretty while it was in your shop, you should see it now!  It is absolutely spectacular.  Again, it was great doing business with you.  If you want to put this email up in your shop as a testimonial to your merchandise, please feel free to do so.
CJ Kansas

I would like to commend you for being so professional with my recent order. I have received my order.  I love my new ring.  From the point of order until delivery you kept me updated and informed on the shipments progress.  It was a pleasure to shop with Ten Two Three and look forward to being a patron.  
Florida 4/2009

It arrived Saturday and it is beautiful. It is to be my wedding ring so thanks tons for the beautiful work!
Washington D. C. 3/2009

The ring arrived today - and, beautifully packaged, as well - how sweet. All is well now...
Thank you for your assistance with this purchase. You can expect me to be a customer again, you have really amazing rings and jewelry; they would make nice gifts for the girls in the family. Thanks again.

The ring arrived and it is beautiful.  Thank-you so much for all your help.

I gave her the ring that I purchased from you on Christmas day and she absolutely loved it!! She originally showed the ring to me on your website but didn't think I would have purchased it for her. TB Virginia 2/2009

Good morning, Kelly - I just picked up my ring at the Post Office. They attempted delivery yesterday but I was not home.  I love the ring very much!  It's quite large, though.  Would you check to see if it was sized to 8.5 rather than 8.0.  It rolls on my finger.  I want to wear it to my Christmas celebration with the rest of my family on the East Coast.  I leave next Thursday, the 11th.  Not quite sure what to do.  I suppose I could have it sized here.  What do you suggest? (Today must be a warmer day than yesterday was.)  A salesperson measured the ring size to be 7 3/4, certainly not oversized and okay for a day like today.  What I probably need is something that would flex to accommodate some fluctuation in fit.  I hope to take care of that in the next few days.  The jeweler at F M was out at the time but the gal told me that for different reasons, he doesn't always work on sterling silver.  I'll check elsewhere.  So, we're all set.

Your communications and shipping service were super! I am most satisfied and will do business with you again.  Do you have a place where customers can leave feedback? By the way, I am open to considering a yellow gold cross larger than the 1.25" that I first quoted you.  SO, if you do find a yellow gold cross with a single diamond or three diamonds Isingle diamonds, not a cluster) please let me know. Thanks very much!

OK my husband gave me the ring for my b-day finally and it is so so so beautiful! We love it. Thank you so much. It is now a part of my wedding band!

The pendant arrived yesterday, just to let you know. It's GORGEOUS!
And so big and blue! And very impressive. Thank you for including the
lovely silver chain, I was expecting to have to go out and find one
for it, but you took care of it. I really appreciate your prompt
communication and attention to my order, and following it to my door,
considering this is such a busy time for everybody, and all the
variables involved in sending packages at this time. You've really
help making our first Christmas together as a marries couple that much
more special. Best Wishes and a very Happy New Year
California 12/2008

Thanks again, Kelly. The pendant is beautiful. I’m sure my Mom will love it!

Thanks, again, for everything.  I hope to do business with you again.
California 12/08

It has been an absolute delight purchasing this ring from you.  Thanks for constant feed of information.  Ten Two Three is in my favourites and I will be recommending you to all my mates. It sounds like it's a real buzz in the US at the moment.  I hope your enjoying it.  Bring on the change. Thanks again,
M Australia 11/08

I received my seed pearl and opal ring today and I just had to communicate how pleased I am with the ring. It is beautiful and elegant. The first word out of my mouth when I opened the box was "Wow"... The jewelry on your site is beautiful, I especially love the gold snake ring and the ruby and opal rings.
WB Puerto Rico 11/08

I just wanted you to know that I received the H Stern quartz ring today.  It is in perfect condition – just like brand new!  That is so great to purchase an estate piece and have it in such pristine condition.  I really appreciate that.
VT 10/08

Thank you so much.  I love the ring and hope she feels the same. I will let you know what she says.
Michigan 10/08

I just wanted to let you know that I received my ring (finally, after being held at customs for a week!)...but it was beautiful!!...and worth the wait!  AND...it fits me perfectly! Just to let you know that your customer service was stupendous, and that you were very patient with me.  All in all...a great experience!
Thanks again
Canada 9/08

The ring arrived safely today the 28th August and I am highly delighted with it, it is all I expected it to be. Many thanks to you and your repair jeweller for making such a marvellous job of the remake. I shall wear it with great pleasure, and it matches the pendant and earrings I have beautifully. It is on my finger as I write this message to you. Again very many thanks
RS England 8/2008

I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed this ring! It is very comfortable and looks great on my hand.  I get a lot of compliments.  After searching for a long time for the right turquoise & gold ring, this was the right one.

Thank you for carrying extra special one-of-a-kind items.  I've added your site to my favorites.  Thanks again!
Virginia 8/2008

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new ring.  It arrived today and it is everything I had hoped for and then some!  It is absolutely perfect.  The picture didn't even begin to do justice to the true beauty of this piece.  Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly.
MT Virginia 5/08

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new ring.  It arrived today and it is everything I had hoped for and then some!  It is absolutely perfect.  The picture didn't even begin to do justice to the true beauty of this piece.  Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly.
Arizona 05/2008

As promised, attached are photos of my new fiancee, Kate, wearing the beautiful vintage engagement ring I bought from you right after we got engaged in Kyoto, Japan last Thursday. Thanks for helping to make that moment possible.
Texas, Kyoto, Japan 04/08

We received the ring earlier this week and are very happy with it. It looks even better than it did on the photo.
Washington D.C. 03/2008