1920s Antique Wedding Ring

1920s Wedding Ring
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1920s Wedding Ring

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This lacy antique 1920s diamond wedding ring is beautiful.  A bright, shiny old European-cut diamond brings your attention to the center stage of this ring.  A hexagonal frames enhances the size and beauty of this bright diamond.  Two dark blue sapphires adorn the sides of this ring. A close look at the gold mounting reveals a pretty, lacy open work filigree design that is rich with sweet flowers.  This ring has a personalized date inscription of 2/28/29.  Made in 18kt 750 white gold.

One old European-cut diamond appx 1/3 carat weight
Two blue sapphires, synthetic as is to be expected for this period
Measures: 5/16" north to south, 5/16" left to right wrapped from sapphire to side sapphire
Hallmarks: 18KT, Date Inscription:  2/28/29
Size: 6
Weight: 2.4 Grams
Circa: 1929