1940s Purple Rose Gold Ring

1940s Purple Rose Gold Ring
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1940s Purple Rose Gold Ring

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The glamour of 1940s Hollywood is brought to you in this bold retro modern estate ring.  This large estate ring features a deep purple, emerald cut sapphire wrapped in a 14kt rose gold setting.  This rose gold ring setting has a folded ribbon design that resembles the patriotic waving of a flag.   This created purple sapphire measures appx 19.2 carats.  This big purple ring is representative of jewelry pieces created during the post war 1940s period.  This mixture of clear, deep purple and rose gold is very amazing.

Size: 9.5
Weight: 10.5 Grams
Measures: 3/4" north to south, 1" left to right of design, 3/8" height above finger
Purple Created Sapphire: appx 19.2 carat weight, 17.06 x 13.6 x 7.7mm, Color: Clear, Deep Purple with red flashes. Created sapphires will have the same material components of natural gemstones.
Circa: 1940s