1940s Retro Citrine Brooch

1940s Retro Citrine Brooch
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1940s Retro Citrine Brooch
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This 1940s Retro Modern large citrine brooch is fantastic. This large, appx 27 carat, amber colored citrine is centered between three twirling ribbons of 14kt rose gold. This flashy brooch measures 2 inches wide.

One rectangular-cut citrine measuring appx 27 carat weight, Color:  medium to dark amber, Clarity: eye-clean
Measures: 1" north to south, 2" left to right, 1/2" depth
Hallmarks: no longer legible
Weight: 15.2 Grams
Circa: 1940s

This 1940s Retro Modern 27 carat citrine brooch is in excellent condition.

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