Contrary to the information provided by Google, we are still in business and we continue to operate as an online store based in Houston, Texas (since 2005). We look forward to providing you with beautiful jewelry.

The love of estate jewelry and gemstones came to me at a very early age. The passion for estate jewelry and antique jewelry passed from my grandfather to my mother and on to me. I can remember the exact moment when I fell in love with old fine jewelry. My grandfather had arrived to visit us from his home in South America, where at the time he was working. He presented me with a gift of an antique European brooch. He had purchased the brooch from a woman who had fled wartime Europe and desperately needed money for her new life. I was fascinated with the intricate design and beauty of this gift. I treasured this brooch and still wear it today. From this experience, I found a love for estate jewelry and antique jewelry, not only for its beauty, but also for its value as an asset.

I have traveled all the continents of the world and spent time studying the jewels, estate jewelry and crafts of the world. I have taken the time to learn the arts and to distinguish items of quality and value from the common. The everyday jewels and crafts can be purchased anywhere. The rare and unusual must be discovered. That is my pride. That is my passion. Discovering the true treasures of quality and beautiful colors of natural gemstones, the unusual settings and the fine designs that reflect a different time. It all takes time. It takes effort.

Take a tour of my store and discover the rare and the unique. Our items are one-of-a kinds, once gone it is unlikely that we would be able to provide a duplicate. Some settings may be more common, but the stones in those settings are not. Enjoy the varying tastes, for no one style is emphasized. Let your imagination wander to the various styles and wonder how a completely different style than you normally wear would look on you. Feel free to try one out. You can rest assured that you will not find this quality without a great deal of effort. Value is not a low price. Value is great quality at a fair price. We feature value. At Ten Two Three Estate Jewelry you will find an eclectic mix that represents the finest quality, regardless of style, that can be found. I take great effort to insure that each treasure can be offered to you at a good, if not exceptional, value.

Enjoy my store. Visit it whenever you wish. New items are frequently listed. Buy from tentwothree.com once and you will be a customer for life. If you have questions about any item, please email me and you will receive my personal reply.

Ten Two Three Estate Jewelry has been selling online since 2005.


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Our number one goal is to achieve your satisfaction with our products and our service. Our promise to our online customer is uncompromised customer satisfaction. We have earned a reputation for great customer service, fantastic values and above all, our integrity.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our store.