Antique Black Onyx White Gold Filigree Ring

Antique Black Onyx Gold Ring
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Antique Black Onyx Gold Ring

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This antique Art Deco black onyx ring features a pierced diamond center.  This lovely piece of black onyx has a long oval shape that is held by lovely sculpted finger prongs.  Center stage is a diamond which is bezel mounted in 1kt 585 white gold.  Three gold fingers extend from both ends of the diamond to add a special touch.  This beautiful openwork filigree mounting features beautiful filigree flowers.  Engraved flowers are found along the top of the ring shank.

One small old cut diamond appx 0.04 carat weight
Measures: 3/4" north to south, 3/8" left to right, 1/4" height above finger
Hallmarks: 14 for 14kt (585)
Size: 3
Weight: 3.2 Grams
Circa:  1930s