Antique Diamond Earrings

Antique Diamond Earrings
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Antique Diamond Earrings

1 c1326

These captivating antique Victorian diamond dangle earrings feature hand-cut diamonds.  These beautiful pierced earrings bring four hand-cut diamonds mixed with single cut diamonds and set with the artistry of design typical of the early 1800s.

These pierced earrings are sterling silver and backed with 14kt gold.  This technique of using sterling to off-set the beauty of diamonds was frequently used during this period as white gold had yet to be created and platinum was not used.  During this period, jeweler's believed that only sterling silver could fully reveal the true beauty of precious diamonds.  These earrings have gold backings behind the diamonds.  Gold backings were used behind gemstones set in silver to prevent stains on skin and clothing.

These pierced earrings are lightweight and will be comfortable to wear for hours. These pierced earrings have kidney wires.

Weight: 2.7 Grams
Length:  1 1/4 inches
Width: 3/8 inch
Four hand-cut diamonds, 14 single cut diamonds. The diamond measurement in set jewelry is always approximate, as these diamonds have backings the true measurement would be impossible to determine without destroying the earrings by removing the diamonds from their setting. Very approximate measurement for combined earrings is 1.06 ct tw.
Condition: Excellent
Circa: 1830