Antique Enamel Beetle Brooch

Antique Enamel Beetle Brooch
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Antique Enamel Beetle Brooch
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This antique enamel beetle brooch is exquisitely crafted.  This Art Nouveau enamel beetle has wings crafted out of green, white and black enamel.  The head of this beetle is crafted in a dark green enamel.  This beetle has two bright, bezel mounted old-cut diamond eyes.  The center of this beetle's body is crafted with small old seed pearls. Finely crafted in 14kt 585 yellow gold.

The enamel and seed pearls are in excellent condition.  A close look at the back of the beetle reveals a C-Clasp finding and an extra hook.  The extra hook was often used to attach a small pendant watch.

Two old-cut diamonds appx 0.06 ct tw
Fourteen seed pearls in off white
Measures: 11/18" head to bottom, 3/4" left to right, 3/8" depth
Hallmarks: 14
Weight: 5.4 Grams
Circa: 1890s
Excellent Condition