Antique Fox Tie Pin

Antique Fox Tie Pin
Antique Fox Tie Pin

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This antique fox stick tie pin has piercing ruby eyes. This dark colored fox has ruby eyes and measures three inches long.

Stickpins were a popular accessory in the early early to mid 1800s. Gentlemen wore them as a tie pin. These fashionable pins would often be in animal, hunting or sporting motifs, so that they would not appear feminine. Stickpins would often be made as mourning or souvenir pins. This estate fox stick pin is crafted in 10kt yellow gold wash over brass.

Measures: Pin length: L3", Fox: left to right 1", north to south 1/2" at widest point.
Gold: 10kt gold wash over brass, tested, not marked, patina has not been removed
Weight: 4.7 Grams

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