Antique Opal Diamond Earrings

Antique Opal Diamond Earrings
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Antique Opal Diamond Earrings

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Enjoy these sensational antique opal diamond earrings.  Bright, fiery old mine-cut diamonds enhance the beauty of these centered opals.  These opal earrings start with single old mine-cut diamonds and then descend fiery opals surrounded by old hand cut diamonds.  These colorful pear shaped white opals have a fabulous range of color with lots of blues, greens and purples.  Crafted in 18kt ( 750 ) yellow gold.

Two colorful pear shaped white opals
Thirty-four old-mine cut diamonds
Measures: 5/8" north to south, 3/8" left to right, 1/4" depth
Hallmarks: not visible, gold tests 18kt
Weight: 3.4 Grams
Circa:  1900