Antique Engagement Wedding Ring

Antique Wedding Ring 5675
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Antique Wedding Ring 5675

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This magical 1920s antique wedding ring is the perfect ring to symbolize your eternal love.  This traditionally designed estate engagement ring features a center old European-cut diamond measuring appx 0.85 cts, with an excellent color grade of F and a clarity grade of I1. This center diamond is held by four beautiful split prongs that enhance the beauty of this ring.  This middle diamond is centered between four smaller old European-cut diamonds measuring appx 0.62 ct tw, Clarity Grade VS2 - SI1 and great color of G, H.  This platinum ring has almost a total of appx 1 1/2 carats of diamonds.

Old European-cut diamonds were cut from about 1900 to the 1920s. They are the transitional diamond cut, after old mine cut diamonds and before today's brilliant cut.  They are often confused with old mine diamonds, due to their open culet, high diamond crowns, fewer facets and terrific appearance in dim light.  They have a rounded girdle and are usually more symmetrical.

Total Diamonds: appx 1.47 ct tw
One round European-cut diamond appx 0.85 ct wt, Clarity: I1 slight surface inclusion visible with magnification, Color: F
Four round European-cut diamonds appx 0.62 ct tw, VS2 - SI1, G - H
Measures: 3/4" left to right, 1/4" north to south, 1/4" height above finger
Hallmarks: IRID 900PLAT, Trademark: 8946 JH
Size: 6 1/4
Weight: 3.4 Grams

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