Events and Fashion That Inspire the Style – Now and Then
Art Deco Jewelry is the popular jewelry style trend for 2013. Buyers at Christie’s Auctions are demanding Art Deco Jewelry. This jewelry style is now trending as a result of the popularity of 1920s fashions seen in Downton Abbey and the 2013 film, The Great Gatsby.

During the 1920s this style was referred to as “modern jewelry” it is now referred to as Art Deco Jewelry. Though this style of jewelry is currently trending, this jewelry style never fully leaves the fashion world.

The film’s female lead in the Great Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, is the perfect model for the scrumptious jewelry she wears. Her jewelry symbolizes the times and the life of the privileged class of the 1920s. Her jewelry speaks to the glamour and rebellious social attitude of the 1920s. The character’s jewelry is based on old jewelry designs from the Tiffany and Company. Daisy Buchanan looks stunning as she wears a spectacular diamond headdress and long, twisted strands of cultured pearls. Her fabulous signature Daisy Diamond Ring is beyond gorgeous. As a symbol of her marriage, she wears a large diamond in a beautiful Tiffany setting. Her short blond hair reveals colorful Art Deco Ear Pendants. Rich four strand pearl bracelets adorn each wrist, each with diamonds dangling.

Downtown Abby features spectacular Antique Jewelry, Edwardian Jewelry and early 1920s Jewelry worn by the upper class female leading actresses. The cast of Downton Abbey are adorned with spectacular jewelry and dresses. However, at times their jewelry creates controversy regarding the lack of quality. Regardless, the leading ladies look spectacular with the jewelry that adorns their characters. Their jewelry features Art Deco Pendant Earrings, dainty antique lavalieres, gorgeous enamel brooches, antique bohemian garnet necklaces, black jet morning jewelry, long twisted pearls and antique cameo brooches. Mary looks stunning wearing diamond headdresses or diamond hair brooches. As the show moves further along in the 1920s, prepare for more dramatic and exciting Art Deco Jewelry to appear. Look forward to jewelry with more geometric shapes and strong color contrasts.

Art Deco Jewelry would be inspired by the following significant world events that would gradually influence jewelry and society. The world had survived World War I and the world was now ready for change and celebration.

Alcohol was prohibited in the US with the initiation of the 18 th amendment in 1919. However, this amendment led to social rebellion and an atmosphere that it was now socially acceptable to break this law. Bootlegging and speakeasies would soon become popular.

World War I had propelled women into the workforce and women’s role in society would be changed forever. In 1920, American women were given the right to vote through the US nineteenth constitutional amendment.

The Exposition Internationale des arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes was held in Paris. Key jewelry designers and architects would proudly display their work at this Expo.

King Tutankhamun’s tomb was found in 1922 by Howard Carter in Egypt.

In 1927, the first film with a soundtrack was released. Al Jolson starred in the “The Jazz Singer” and would create a national interest in music.

Women in the 1920s would cut their hair to a short bob, dresses would become shorter and sleeveless, dress waistlines would drop, women’s chests would be bound and soon a new male-female look would arrive. This post-war prosperity gave women the freedom to celebrate by adorning their new look with jewelry. Women would wear statement several bracelets and multiple brooches. The new short hair cut was perfect for wearing long drop or pendant earrings. Most earrings would now be screw back earrings as ear piercing was not stylish.

Bracelets would be flexible, straightline link bracelets featuring diamonds in white gold or platinum, or they might include synthetic sapphires or emeralds. Often bracelets would include musical charms, such as instruments, notes or birds singing symbolizing the importance of music.

Small hats would be adorned with brooches or small hat pins.

Brooches would be the familiar straightline brooches and the newly introduced Cartier round or circle brooch.

Pearls would remain popular, but would be worn long, twisted or around the waste. With the availability of cultured pearls they would now be available the middle classes.

Art Deco Rings would be pierced platinum or white gold with diamonds. Sometimes rings would be embellished with synthetic blue sapphires, rubies or emeralds. Elongated rings would continue to be created. Geometric ring designs would be introduced including octagonal and hexagonal designs. Art Deco Rings would have step sides to the center stone or would be found with new domed styles. Stamped filigree rings would now be less expensive and available to a larger audience.

New diamond cutting tools brought new shapes to gemstones. Gemstones could now be cut in geometric shapes to add levels of design even to white on white Art Deco Rings.

Strong color contrast was suddenly interjected into jewelry. Rubies, diamonds, black onyx, jade, coral, lapis lazuli, emeralds, and enamel would be important in the “new modern” jewelry.

Strong international design influences would come from Asia, Egypt, Persia/Islam and even pre-Hispanic Mexico. Asian or Egyptian styled jewelry would be very stylish.

The magnificent pieces of jewelry worn by Daisy Buchanan or the Downton Abbey cast should not stop the savvy shopper from owning original period pieces. Art Deco Period Jewelry is affordable and available.

“Art deco styled” or “Deco inspired” jewels are readily available at low prices.

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