Diamond Gold Loop Earrings

Diamond Gold Loop Earrings
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Diamond Gold Loop Earrings
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Shine from eighteen brilliant diamonds and rich yellow gold draw your attention to these estate diamond gold loop earrings.  Centered between eight smaller diamonds is a slightly larger, dazzling diamond mounted in a square shaped white gold design.  These earrings have a luxurious smooth 14kt yellow gold finish that is embellished by golden braided edges.   These gold loop earrings have pierced Omega French Backs and have a substantial, yet comfortable weight. 

Eighteen brilliant cut diamonds of about 0.01 to 0.07 carat each, appx 0.24 ct tw
Measures: 3/4" north to south, 5/16" left to right, 1/2" depth
Hallmarks: 14KT, 585, SB
Weight: 9.8 Grams Combined earring weight

Excellent condition