Estate Antique Curved Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum

Estate Curved Diamond Wedding Band
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Estate Curved Diamond Wedding Band
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This exceptional estate platinum wedding band will be a perfect match for your antique wedding ring.  A gentle curve in the middle point of this band allows for superb ring pairing.  Eleven fiery, bright brilliant-cut diamonds add an special shine.  This band is slightly more elevated than most ring guards, as it measures 1/8" height above the finger.  One side of this ring has intriguing circle designs, while the side to be worn adjacent to the engagement ring has a simpler design.

Eleven brilliant-cut diamonds appx 0.25 ct tw
Measures: 1/8' north to south, 1" wrapped from left to right diamond, 1/8" height above finger
Hallmarks: 95% PLAT, Trademark: COALT
Size: 5
Weight: 4.4 Grams
Circa: 1930s
Excellent condition.