Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

Estate Diamond Engagement Ring
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Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

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Captivating!  This romantic 1930s Art Deco engagement ring features bright diamonds in a gorgeous platinum mounting.  Drawing your attention is a center old-European diamond measuring appx 0.38 carat weight.  Adorning this center diamond are eight single cut diamonds mounted in flowing leaf designs.  A flattering openwork platinum pattern adds a special touch of elegance, while still keeping the ring strong enough to last a lifetime.  Two additional diamonds embellish the top of the ring shank. 

The old-European cut diamond was cut in the early 1900s.  It was known as the transitional diamond between old mine cut diamonds and today's brilliant cut diamonds.

The marking IRIDPLAT indicates that this ring is made using platinum with 10% iridium.  Platinum is the strongest, most durable metal and perfect for making strong jewelry.  Iridium is added to make platinum easier for a jeweler to create jewelry.

Total Diamonds: 0.60 ct tw
One round European-cut diamond, appx measures 0.38 carat - 4.79 - 4.80 x 2.71mm, Clarity Grade: SI1, Color Grade: J, some roughness to center diamond girdle visible with strong jeweler's loupe
Ten single-cut diamonds, appx 0.22 ct tw, VS1, G-H
Measures:  3/8" north to south, 6/8" left to right, 1/4" height above finger
Hallmark: 10% IRID, PLAT
Size: 5.5
Weight: 3.3 Grams
Circa: 1930