Estate Erte Eternite Sapphire Ring

Estate Erte Eternite Sapphire Ring
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Estate Erte Eternite Sapphire Ring

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Fabulous visions of stars and planets are revealed in this Erte designed estate ring.  Four blue sapphire cabochons rise above a twinkling diamond background in this signed and number ring designed by Erte.  This big 14kt yellow gold ring is featured in Ertes Art to Wear book.

As described on Erte's "Art to Wear" book on page 43,  Erte's Eternite ring "has a certain aura of mystery that validates the title.  Four sapphires in what seems an infinite field of diamonds suggest, to one viewer at least, a formation of unknown planet entities in a cosmic void."

Erte 1892 - 1990
Erte was born into Russian aristocracy, as Romain de Tirtoff.  The creation of his selected Artist name, Erte, came from the French and Russian phonetic sound of his initials, R T.   Erte would become famous for designing ladies dresses.  At six, he would design his first dress that his mother would have made.  For over two decades he would contribute approximately 2500 drawings to Harper's Bazaar.  For most of his life he worked toward designing clothing for women to appear more beautiful.  Though from an aristocratic background, he would take his fashion designs and design wearable art jewelry.  Erte would team with the CFA (Circle Fine Arts Corporation) to get his jewelry designs produced. 

Four dark blue sapphire cabochons
Forty round diamonds
Measures: North to south 1 1/8", left to right 3/4", 1/4" height above finger
Hallmarks:  Signed ERTE, 14KT Copyrighted by CFA, this ring is numbered
Size: 7.25
Weight: 9.0 Grams