Estate Jewelry Condition Guide

Excellent Estate Jewelry Condition
Antique, vintage, estate jewelry items that show very little to minimal wear. Estate jewelry Items in this condition have likely been infrequently worn or have not been worn all.

Very Fine Estate Jewelry Condition
Estate jewelry Items in this condition will reflect expected normal wear and tear in consideration of the age of the jewelry item.

Fine Estate Jewelry Condition
Jewelry items that have been regularly worn. Wear will be able to be found with a close look.

Good Estate Jewelry Condition
Wear will be openly found. Our description will advise of what type of wear we have found, and we will advise the location of the wear.

We do not remove stones from settings and unless otherwise noted, all statements regarding gem identification, weight, quality, or clarity of the diamonds and gemstones are our estimated.

We use an independent GIA appraiser for diamonds measuring over 1/2 carat weight.