Large Colorful Opal Gold Ring

Large Colorful Opal Gold Ring
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Large Colorful Opal Gold Ring

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Bright blues, greens and a touch of red draw your attention to this large opal ring.  This natural opal is mounted in a elaborate mounting.  At the top of this bezel mounted opal, is a delicate rose created in rose gold.  Further embellishing this mounting are four golden leaves in 14kt yellow gold, with a 14kt rose gold flower. This opal ring finishes with a light filigree border and an engraved shank. 

One large crystal opal appx 17.63 x 13.44 x 4.42mm, color: very colorful with bright greens, blues and some reds. This natural opal is a doublet.
Measures: 1" north to south, 3/4" left to right, 3/8" height above finger
Hallmarks: 14KT, Pat. 1519 - part of patent number has faded
Size: 8.5
Weight: 7.4 Grams