Mikimoto Pearl Sterling Earrings

Mikimoto Pearl Sterling Earrings
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Mikimoto Pearl Sterling Earrings

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These Mikimoto pearl earrings in sterling silver bring the elegance of yesterday to today.  These classic Mikimoto earrings feature two well matched pinkish pearls.  Etched sterling silver ribbons wrap around and slightly below these elegant shiny pearls.  These vintage earrings are packaged in their original presentation box. 

Two Mikimoto well matched pinkish pearls - diameter 6.62 - 6.69mm, excellent condition and shine
Measures: 3/4" height, 1/2" width, 5/16" depth
Hallmarks: Mikimoto's famous stylized logo M for Mikimoto and S for sterling silver
Weight: 4.0 Grams
Circa: 1940s