Mings Pearl Jade Ring

Mings Pearl Jade Ring
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Mings Pearl Jade Ring

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This Ming's cluster ring features fine golden pearls arranged amongst colorful jade and coral beads.  This cluster arrangement features carefully placed black, pale green, lavender and amber jade beads.  A dark apricot coral bead finishes this cluster arrangement.  This 14kt yellow gold mounting accents the beauty with an open design and a side florentine finished triangle. 

Ming's opened in Hawaii in 1941 by Wook Moon. Ming jewelry has become increasing collectible since they ceased operation in 1999.

Ten well matched cultured pearls ranging in diameter appx 4.45 - 4.89mm, color: pale golden pearls full of shine and luster
Four jade beads ranging in diameter appx 5.22 - 6.25mm, color: pale lavender, black, amber and pale green
One dark apricot coral bead measuring appx 6.13mm
Measures: H1 1/8" x W7/8" x D1/2"
Size: 6
Hallmark: Ming's 14kt
Weight: 7.6 Grams