Old Mine Antique Wedding Ring

Old Mine Antique Wedding Ring
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Old Mine Antique Wedding Ring

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Stunning.  This incredible diamond solitaire antique wedding ring will always be fantastic symbol of your love.  A bright, fiery old mine cut diamond rests in the center of this ring (0.67 ct wt, G, SI2).  The high crown of this diamond and the multiple golden prongs make this diamond appear larger.  A pretty blend of yellow and rose gold create a pretty mounting with simple engravings.   A date inscription of 71 and Mary may be found inside the hoop.

One old mine-cut diamond appx 0.67 ct, SI1, G
Measures: 3/8" north to south, 1/2" left to right, 5/16" height above
Hallmarks:18 MARY 30/1/71
Size: 8
Weight: 4.0 Grams
Circa: 1870s
Excellent condition.