Persian Cabochon Turquoise Ring

Persian Cabochon Turquoise Ring
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Persian Cabochon Turquoise Ring

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This original vintage cocktail ring is custom made using a large, Persian turquoise cabochon. This oval turquoise cabochon is a dark, greenish blue color and measures approximately 12 carats. This turquoise cabochon is set in a heavy gold, tree inspired 14kt gold setting. Shank is wide. 

Turquoise: shape - cabochon, color - solid blue, with green hint, measures appx 11.94 ct tw, 19.41 x 14.10 x 7.5mm
Size: 8
Weight: 11.0 Grams
Measures: 1/2" above finger, H3/4" x W7/8"

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