Ruby Gold Filigree Ring

Ruby Gold Filigree Ring
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Ruby Gold Filigree Ring

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An elegant white gold filigree mounting beautifully embellishes a bright red ruby in this estate ruby filigree ring.  This 1920s ring features a bright red rectangular-cut ruby framed by a delicate floral 10kt white gold openwork filigree mounting. 

As was typical of this time period, a synthetic ruby was used.  Rubies, amongst other gemstones, were not being imported during this period due to wartime efforts in place.

One rectangular cut ruby appx 1.25 carats 7.29 x 5.58 x 2.85mm, Color: deep red, Clarity: clear.  As typical of this era, this ruby is lab created
Measures: 1" wrapped left to right, 1/2" north to south, 1/4" height above finger
Size: 9 3/4
Weight: 1.8 Grams
Circa: 1920s
Very good condition, ruby has very slight surface scratch visible using strong magnification