Vintage 10 Carat Amethyst Ring

Vintage 10 Carat Amethyst Ring
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Vintage 10 Carat Amethyst Ring

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Interesting blend of lavender with gold tones describe this 10 carat oval amethyst ring.  This faceted amethyst is held in a simple yellow gold mounting that emphasizes the unique natural colors in this gemstone.  Unlike an ametrine that has distinct divisional zones of purple and yellow, this stone has zones of amethyst and zones of citrine in 10kt yellow gold.

One large oval natural faceted amethyst appx 10 carats, Clarity: eye-clean, Color: light purple with golden color zones, smooth top of amethyst, some hard to see scratches on underside of amethyst.
9/16" left to right, 11/16" north to south, 5/16" height above finger
Size: 6
Weight: 4.7 Grams
Circa: 1990s

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