It is time for the return of the brooch as a fashion statement. Brooches dazzle and intrigue. For simple elegance, to complete an ensemble or to simply draw attention, an estate jewelry brooches or pins should be a special part of your distinct fashion statement. And, as few women currently wear brooches, your use of a brooch will quickly set you apart and make your look truly special. Let yourself be a fashion trend setter.

Made from all types of gemstones and materials, brooches and pins are adaptable to any look you may desire to create. Whether crafted with rubies, diamonds, pearls, coral, lapis lazuli, enamel or rhinestones, a brooch can stand alone as the only accent you need to make a stunning statement. When worn at a recent social event, a cluster of small, non-matched vintage brooches and pins became the hot topic of conversation. With a shine and sparkle, this fascinating brooch grouping became the light in a lighthouse beckoning the wandering mariner back home.

Some of the more intriguing brooches are those that are made in the shape of insects and animals. An antique black and gold enamel wasp pin adorned with glistening diamond wings, the gold legged crab with a shell made of fiery diamonds or the Art Deco black onyx fly with emerald cabochon eyes and moveable diamond wings may create the look that causes the buzz in the room on that special evening.

Floral patterns such as a stunning Emis Beros estate brooch intricately carved from lapis lazuli can be a focal point for your outfit. Carved feminine shell cameos often create the family feel and warmth that draws people to you.

In the not too distant past, brooches were a part of every special occasion. Fashion designers for films understood the use and elegance of the brooch. Many ball room dance sequences in films featured the sparkle from the ladies brooches as they were twirled throughout a glorious evening’s ball. Think back to the films of your youth that featured the leading lady simply adorned with a lovely brooch. The brooch seemed only to accent her beauty.

In times past, when censors were more strict, a brooch was often used to obscure the daring décolletage of the designer gown worn by the lovely leading lady. Of course, the opposite of the intent of the censors can also be employed. A properly placed brooch can bring attention and admiration of the perfection of the cleavage.

Wearing a brooch is not limited to being worn on the front of a jacket or a blazer. A fabulous local socialite wears a different brooch on the back right shoulder of her blazer. These special brooches have become this former model’s personal brand.

A small accent estate pin looks fantastic when worn on the collar of a blouse.

Brooches are also adaptable. They can be worn as a brooch or as a pendant. Some brooches can be modified and made into earrings to create a totally unique look and style.

Fine brooches may also be a good investment in jewelry. As there are many beautiful vintage brooches that are not currently in as much demand as they once were, you may be able to add stunning pieces of art to your collection at a real value. Remember that with all things in fashion, looks come and go but they always return.

This may be your opportunity to be on the cutting edge of a change in fashion. You can set yourself apart from the other ladies in your circle, accentuate your special look and you may even create the interest in a somewhat neglected style of jewelry that will increase the value of your collection.

Consider a brooch for your next fashion investment. The rewards may be exciting and oh so enjoyable.

Wearing an Antique, Estate or Vintage Brooch
Ten Two Three Estate Jewelry
By: Chris Cosby
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