Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
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Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
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A stunning over 1 1/4 ct diamond shines in this traditional solitaire estate diamond engagement ring.  Your attention is immediately driven to the radiance from this old European-cut diamond that is slightly yellow in color (1.30 ct, VS1, M).   This old-cut diamond carries an appraisal with a VS1 quality grade, indicating that inclusions are difficult to see when using a 10 power loupe.  Since the beauty is in the diamond, this gorgeous diamond is mounted in a traditional solitaire 14kt white gold mounting and held by four strong gold prongs.

Old European-cut diamonds were the predominant diamond cut in the early 1900s.  Because they have a high crown and an open culet, they are frequently mistaken for old-mine cut diamonds.  These were the transitional diamond cut between old-mine cut diamonds and today's brilliant cut diamond. 

Total Diamonds: 1.30 ct
One old European-cut diamond appx 1.30 carat, Clarity Grade: VS1, Color: M
Measures: 1/4" north to south, 1/4" left to right, 1/4" height above finger
Hallmarks: 14K
Size: 7.5
Weight: 3.2 Grams
Circa: 1940s
Excellent condition.