Antique Garnet Tassel Necklace

Antique Garnet Tassel Necklace
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Antique Garnet Tassel Necklace

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Dark red garnets link in romantic floral clusters in this antique Victorian garnet tassel necklace.  At the heart of this Bohemian garnet necklace is a slightly larger central flower garnet cluster.  Six smaller garnet flower clusters add a delicate flow and balance to this necklace.  Two delicate garnet draped links are curved to enhance the beauty of the neck.  Five grapevine tassels are elegantly suspended from the main components of this necklace.  This eighteen inch necklace is crafted in gold wash over brass.

This intricate antique garnet tassel necklace captures the romantic influence of the Victorian era.  Garnet necklaces were frequently made in Bohemia during the Victorian Jewelry period.  They may be recognized by the rose-cut stones clustered in large quantities in floral patterns.  Usually they were crafted in low grade gold or gilt metals.

Ninety-nine rose-cut deep red pyrope garnets
Measures: 18" length, 3 1/8" left to right measured from side garnet to garnet
Hallmarks: gold wash, mark not visible
Weight: 6.8 Grams
Circa:  1890
Excellent condition.