Antique Persian Turquoise Diamond Ring

Antique Persian Turquoise Diamond Ring
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Antique Persian Turquoise Diamond Ring

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Three horizontally aligned Persian turquoise stones are framed by fiery old hand cut diamonds in this antique turquoise ring.  Ten exquisite old hand cut diamonds are evenly divided to frame these well matched Persian Turquoise gemstones.  A slightly larger turquoise stone is centered between two smaller round turquoise stones in this dainty antique ring.

This antique ring is date inscribed 21 4 0 (April 21).  Crafted in 14kt 585 yellow gold.

Three round blue Persian Turquoise stones  appx 4.86 x 2.70mm, 3.55 x 2.25mm, 3.71 x 2.28mm, Color: blue, Excellent condition.
Ten hand cut old diamonds appx 0.30 ct tw.  Hand cut diamonds are admired for their unique and non-uniform cut
Measures: 5/8" left to right, 3/8" north to south, 3/16" height above finger
Hallmarks: 21 4 0 - appears to be date marked for April 21
Size: 6 3/4
Weight: 2.2 Grams

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