Tagliamonte Pegasus Ruby Earrings

Tagliamonte Pegasus Ruby Earrings
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Tagliamonte Pegasus Ruby Earrings

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Exceptional beauty is found in these Tagliamonte Pegasus engraved glass ruby cabochon yellow gold earrings.  These vintage earrings have the winged horse, Pegasus, engraved on amber colored glass.  These handmade earrings are framed in 18kt ( 750 ) yellow gold and are embellished with dark red ruby cabochons.

Pegasus is from Greek Mythology.  Pegasus was known as the winged horse that resulted from the mating of his parents, Medusa and Poseidon.  Pegasus was trained by Bellerophon, who rode Pegasus to slay the monster Chimaera.  Pegasus made his journey to Mount Olympus where he spent his days carrying lighting bolts for Zeus. Zeus transformed him into the constellation Pegasus.  The symbolism of Pegasus changes throughout history from wisdom and fame to esoteric energy.

Two ruby cabochons measuring appx 1/2 ct tw, Color: deep red, Clarity: Opaque
Measures: 1" north to south, almost 1/2" left to right, 3/8" depth - front of earring to back of ear wire
Hallmarks: 18kt, 750, ITALY.  Trademark: B inside a double circle
Weight: 7.3 combined weight for both earrings
Excellent condition.