Reuse, Recycle or Refine – Which is the Greenest Jewelry?

The question often asked is what type of jewelry is the most environmentally friendly jewelry?

Without question reused jewelry is the most eco-friendly jewelry available. The Environmental Protection Agency always recommends buying used as a consumer tip for all “green purchasing”. When you purchase pre-owned, vintage, estate or wholly recycled jewelry the greater negative environmental impact from mineral extraction and casting has already been done to our environment.

The second most eco-friendly jewelry available would be refined or recycled use of gold or platinum. However, this process involves a process that causes a negative earth impact by melting metals or by using acid to remove gemstones from mountings.

You may easily find estate, vintage or antique jewelry that is in perfect or gently worn condition. Often you may find green rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that have never been worn.

Planning a wedding? Start your new life together with green wedding jewelry. Art Deco, Edwardian or contemporary wedding and engagement rings are an important component of a green wedding.

Buying recycled jewelry does not mean that you have to compromise on quality or have past date styles. Often you will locate products that are currently being sold in department stores.

Green, eco-friendly jewelry is not only good for the environment it can also be more cost effective. Compare prices with online estate jewelry to brand new jewelry and you are certain to be pleased by great values.

For an even greener experience, try online shopping. Online shopping will help save up to 40% less fossil fuel, plus online shopping will save you time.

Green or recycled jewelry may be found online by searching for Antique, Estate, Used, Pre-Owned, Heirloom or Vintage Jewelry. Antique jewelry refers to items that are over 100 years old.

What is the Greenest Jewelry

Recyle, Reuse or Refine
Ten Two Three Estate Jewelry

By: Chris Cosby

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